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There are currently a total of 60 light displays. The area will be broken into four quadrants where each quadrant will have 12 small displays and 3 large displays. 

Solange Ledwith (President of KSB) is looking for volunteers to work in these areas:

LOADERS - will need people to help load displays onto trailers that will be dropped in two locations on Front St.  These volunteers will meet at 7 am at KSB office - 2600 Terrace Ave.
UNLOADERS/INSTALLERS/WIRING -Need volunteers to unload displays from trailers at each of the 4 quadrants, then help install/setup displays, and wire them.  These volunteers will meet at the gravel parking lot across from Slidell Feed & Seed to receive quadrant assignments.  For those that have their own vehicles, they will then drive to designated quadrant to receive delivery of displays.
DRIVERS - Need volunteers to drive those without transportation from parking lot to their designated quadrant.  Also be available during the morning to take volunteers to bathroom.
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