Recently, our club donated $500 to Hope of the Generation Uganda (HOGU).


ImageUpon her return to the states, Erin Lawless shared information with us about the project. Our donation is already at work as they put up the walls and roof for one of the school blocks. HOGU is so thankful for our donation that they are naming one of the classrooms "Slidell."

HOGU is a true community organization located in Uganda. It uses creative educational techniques (like music, drama, dance and sports) to teach young and old about HIV/AIDS prevention. HOGU is made up of 30 local community volunteers that donate their time to make a difference in their own village of Buwagi and the surrounding villages in the area. HOGU has undertaken many special project over the years and in 2007 they came together to start a private community school. HOGU's current goal is to complete two full classroom blocks that will include 8 classrooms in total. To learn more about HOGU, click here.

ImageImageImagePhoto 1: One of the students writing a pen pal letter to a student in Slidell

Photo 2: A message of thanks from the elementary school students

Photo 3: Computer training with some of our HOGU youth volunteers

Photo 4: Posing at our Resource Center with the HOGU volunteers