Rotary Club of  Slidell provides assistance to the Epworth Project - July 2022
The Epworth Project is the ecumenical faith-based, volunteer-driven component of Northshore Disaster Recovery Inc. Approximately 70% of volunteers are from faith-based organizations with the balance coming from college campuses and civic organizations. They actively recruit volunteers from around the country and partner them with local families with home repair needs.  The volunteers are provided with housing, food, tools and expertise, while supporting the partnering local family in need with case management, funding and project management. 
With so many weather related disasters over the past several years, Epworth Project exists to keep volunteers from around the country mobilized so that the families in our area will not be forgotten. Their goal is to provide basic needs for those living in unfit conditions, whether the conditions are hurricane-related or not. In addition to assisting disaster victims, Epworth Project assists the low income and elderly with home repairs and builds handicapped ramps for disabled citizens.
Rotary Club of Slidell's Past President Jim Fatic, the Executive Director of Epworth Project, asked for our help at the July 15 meeting.  During the week of July 18-22, 2022, Rotary Club of Slidell members Mark Ricard and Chuck Neuman volunteered to help lead teams of youth and adults from Little Rock, AR, Fort Worth and Arlington, TX.  Approximately 100 volunteers were here to provide repairs to homes of low-income home-bound seniors in Slidell and the surrounding community.  They were split into groups of about 8-10 members and worked on 13-15 different homes.  The need for volunteers and leaders is great as there are many seniors who need assistance with home repairs!