Rotary Club of Slidell members worked with Keep Slidell Beautiful at their Recycle Day in Possum Hollow Park on Saturday, November 12, 2022 and participated in the drive.
Dede Ricard worked the glass recycling, while Mark Ricard, Ron Davis and Kenny Breaux assisted KSB staff in setting up the light-up Christmas decorations along Front Street.  Bill Newton and Brenda McRee dropped off recycling items.
Dede donated an hour before the cold and lack of additional drop-offs drove her home, but the 3 men worked tirelessly on Saturday unraveling and sorting decorations in the warehouse (about 18 hours total).  Then Mark and Kenny spent another 3 hours each on Monday helping to set the decorations up (Mark also spent another 3 hours on Sunday as the setup started on Sunday)
A major drop-off from a local bar.  All of these bottles had to be manually transferred from the original donor's box into these trash bins.  It completely filled one bin plus items in a second bin (see below)
Lights on Front Street turned on November 20!